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Sinceits conception in 2012, TAIWANIZE has become a leading fashion brand for moderncasual wear throughout Asia. We aim to celebrate the unique wonders ofTaiwanese culture with its roots embedded in Taiwan’s rich Chinese heritage.Using ancient designs, translated into modern aesthetics, TAIWANIZEincorporates the finest materials and the best craftsmanship to producecomfortable fitting, body-complementing garments that are popular with peoplefrom all over the world. Within few years, we have quickly expanded from asmall concept store to several branches around Taipei city and an everexpanding online shop. We cater for all ages of people, with differing bodytypes, ranging from infant sizes to adult, both male, female and unisexclothes. With over a hundred different styles, for all seasons, we are a onestop shop for anyone wanting to celebrate the true beauty of Taiwan.