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Introducing the TAIWANIZE Sport Series Logo

Presenting the new TAIWANIZE Sport Series Logo, inspired by traditional Chinese cloud patterns. This design incorporates flowing curves and intertwining structures, reflecting Chinese aesthetics. The cloud-inspired "S" in "SPORT" adds a trendy athletic touch, giving traditional motifs a fresh geometric look.


Overview of Sports Series Products

Together, let's change the world with eco-friendly yarn.

By using eco-friendly yarn, we become more conscious of products like this. This fall, we officially introduce the vest style, hoping to garner more attention and love from users for this material. We also aim to provide you with a greater range of motion, free from the constraints of sleeves, making your sports activities more breathable, sweat-wicking, and enjoyable.


Designed, Developed, and Manufactured in Taiwan.

We turn recycled PET bottles into your functional sportswear!


Durable Antimicrobial Technology

Adopting specially treated fabrics that effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria on the fabric's surface, the exclusive antimicrobial technology, MICROBAN, in conjunction with expertise in its application field, provides quantified microbiological reports, achieving a 99.9% antimicrobial efficacy.


We have strict requirements for antimicrobial properties.

Our long-lasting antimicrobial technology is dedicated to eliminating the growth of destructive microorganisms on the product surface without compromising aesthetics or functionality. The high-performance material is soft, quick-drying, and equipped with moisture-wicking capabilities, ensuring comfort during physical activities.


Outdoor Function X Waterproof and Windproof

Brand new design and standard fit.

Essential gear for hiking, camping, and outdoor activities.


Any 2 items 11% off / Any 3 items 21% off

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