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520 Seasonal Clearance Sale|NT$520 off for 1 Item, NT$1314 off for 2 Items. (※Please log in to your account to claim the coupon and enjoy this offer.)

Receive VIP Membership with a single purchase of NT$5000 or over, with rewards up to 5%

Free shipping for orders over NT$2000 in Taiwan, and over NT$3000 in 23 countries/regions. (Click for more info.)

Since its inception in 2012, TAIWANIZE has garnered fervent admiration from customers across 30+ countries worldwide!

Escape the realm of cutthroat market competition – we offer more than just "conventional clothing cutting and budget fabrics."

Welcome a whole new experience: simplicity, comfort, style, and durability.



TAIWANIZE Basics Simple, Comfortable, Silhouette Enhancing, Durable

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